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5 Association Member Engagement Strategies

Keeping your members engaged is a core aspect of any association. Learn how you can get your members involved in your community with these five...


Muster Monthly Update - March 2021

As we head into March we near closer to the launch of Muster 2.0 with the beta program for our new CRM. Catch up on the latest updates at Muster.


Muster Monthly Update - February 2021

Read what's new at Muster as of February 2021, from company to product updates— we discuss what's in store for the future to our advocacy software.

Member Engagement During Social Distancing

In the face of COVID-19 and social distancing your organization must still engage its members. Now's the time to think digitally and creatively.

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A Beginner's Guide To Nonprofit Storytelling

Discover the basics of effective nonprofit storytelling, from creating a strategy behind your campaigns to finding your nonprofit's voice and...

5 Reasons to Visit Muster at ASAE Annual

Are you headed to ASAE Annual? Whether your association is already a partner of ours or interested in exploring a different advocacy provider, we’d...


3 Tips to Engage Members in Online Advocacy

An online advocacy initiative is only as successful as the advocate engagement strategy motivating supporters to participate. Encouraging grassroots...


3 Tips to Amplify Online Advocacy Efforts

Regardless of the type of online advocacy campaign, below are three tips you can use to amplify the grassroots reach of your initiatives online!


3 Reasons to Buy Advocacy Software

A successful grassroots advocacy campaign involves multiple moving parts, but advocacy software can be a valuable addition to any legislative...


Top Bill Tracking Software for Nonprofits

When used with Muster's advocacy software, legislative tracking tools can provide you with the tools to take a comprehensive approach to advocacy


Association Advocacy in an Election Year

Associations have many opportunities to look after their membership’s interest in an election year. Here a few ways for 501(c)(6) groups to leverage...


What is Digital Advocacy?

Digital political advocacy elevates civic engagement by mobilizing constituents through technology.


Legislative Terms 101

While vocabulary may differ slightly between different state legislatures, we’ve put together a brief glossary of frequently-used terms in public...


Update: New Muster Software Features

At Muster, we’re passionate about building the newest digital advocacy tools to bridge the gap between policymakers and organizations and...


4 Reasons Nonprofit Donors Stop Donating

Why nonprofit donors stop donating: 1) Insufficient funds 2) Competing nonprofits 3) Inadequate nonprofit communications 4) Lack of Transparency


3 Time Saving Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

How can Nonprofit Executive Directors be more effective? Below are a few tips our political advocacy specialists have curated to help Executive...

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