How to Increase Open-Rates for Advocacy Alerts

How to Increase Open-Rates for Advocacy Alerts

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A key step in creating an effective advocacy campaign is an intriguing email subject line. Powerful subject lines compel recipients to open an email upon receiving it, meaning that subject lines are essentially the lifeblood of an advocacy campaign. Unopened emails = no actions taken, so we curated a list of important tips to assist you in creating effective subject lines to increase open rates, specifically when pushing out advocacy alerts. 

  • Creativity. A subject line that peaks curiosity increases your open rate metrics. To this end, posing a question in the subject line has also proven to be an effective way to increase open rates.
  • Keep the subject line short, and to the point. Keep it specifically between 28-39 characters. 
  • Deadlines create a sense of urgency, and encourage recipients to open emails immediately. In a world where iPhones are the name of the game, having a deadline laced into your subject line will motivate your recipient to click open when scanning through his/her mobile mail application. 
  • Target your audience. Capture the attention of your recipients by using language that speaks directly to them through the subject line, engaging your audience and compelling them to click open. If you are emailing the membership of a professional medical association, direct them to open your message by providing pertinent information that is geared towards the doctors who are receiving the email. Speak the language of your contacts, because you know your audience best (i.e, what would motivate these specific recipients to take action?)
  • Target by geography. If you are sending an email out on behalf of an organization that operates solely within one state, one county, or one school district- utilize your geographical limits as an asset. Get the attention of your membership by creating a subject line that hits close to home…literally! (i.e., “Tell Lewis County Supervisors to Save Lake Ada”)
  • Relevancy. Many people will not open an email if they believe it to be spam. To avoid having your emails clicked over to the Spam folder, refrain from using too many CAPS or a load of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, Analyze. Review your email open rates and find out what works best for your organization. 

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