Product Updates

We're bringing a new, better advocate experience to Muster.

Muster is releasing the latest iteration of its action centers. With this redesign, we bring all the content above the fold and make taking action easier.

Muster Action Center Release

The product team here at Muster is always pursuing improving the advocacy experience for our customers and their advocates. With that, we're announcing the launch of our v3 Action Center landing page starting September 15th, 2022. 

This new version of our Action Centers will be the standard moving forward for all customers and brings a fresh new layout that we know will improve the effectiveness of campaigns as state legislative sessions approach.

What do you need to know ahead of this release?

  • This redesign will be applied to new Action Centers created starting September 15th
    • This change is not retroactive. Action Centers created before this date will still work; however, they will not feature the new design.
  • No backend changes. 
    • The process of creating an Action Center for customers does not change. The workflows remain the same. All that changes is the end result.
  • Additional "Send Message" button
    • We've added an additional "Send Message" button below the contact information fields to reduce any friction for advocates. This allows advocates to quickly send the pre-canned message you've created for them if they don't wish to add a custom message.

The entire team at Muster is excited to put this new iteration of our Action Center in the hands of our customers and their advocates!

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