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Our Product Update Blog Returns From Summer Vacation

While our product update blog may have taken a break, the updates did not. Catch up with all the updates to Muster made in June and July.


june july product update

Our product update blog took a short vacation to start the summer, but the product updates kept on rolling. 

Charts & analytics

Each advocacy action center now has an action chart showing the progression of your campaign’s recent activity. This includes both emails and phone calls so that you can see at a glance what your action distribution looks like.

Muster Action Center ChartsIt’s enough to make Jim Cramer envious.

Targeted official actions

We made another update that brings back some prior functionality, albeit in a new and improved way.

The action centers and embedded action widgets automatically look up and show your advocates to whom they are sending their messages - or about to call - before clicking a single button. The functionality is otherwise exactly the same, with one small improvement to reduce latent friction.

Email delivery

We’ve made further improvements focused on email delivery, both for customer outbound emails and official target emails.

Current customers using the email broadcasts feature should inquire with our customer success team about the available email configuration options to enable this.

And both current and prospective customers running advocacy campaigns with a state or local focus can use aliased advocate email addresses to break through any email delivery challenges.

Widget improvements

We shipped a major overhaul for the embeddable action widget.

Muster’s unique embeddable action widget is designed to fit seamlessly into customer websites. This allows customers to reuse their existing websites and craft campaign-specific microsites. The new version of our embeddable action widget uses clean styling with a highly responsive and customizable layout. The result is a widget that better matches customer site styling and seamlessly blends into the page as a single content component.

Advocacy isn’t limited to elected officials. Federal agencies solicit comments from the public for regulatory decisions.

Did you know that Muster supports advocacy targeting for regulatory dockets on We do! Advocacy customers interested in targeting federal (or state!) regulation comment periods should inquire about using this with Muster’s customer support.

CRM improvements

We continue to improve the CRM, including feature additions and performance updates.

The latest addition allows customers to create list filters by contact phone number, segmenting by whether or not contacts can be reached by text message. This allows for precisely segmented action alerts and circle-backs (follow-ups) to maximize audience response.

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