Product Updates

April showers bring May product updates? See what's new with Muster.

The month of May brings a bouquet of updates. A new widget, new backend features, and what to look forward to in the coming months.

may product updates new

You know what they say, April shows bring May flowers, and May flowers bring product updates.

Messaging highlighting

This past month we released the first version of our message highlighting feature. This feature goes beyond identifying advocates who customized their messages and shows you how they did so.

This knowledge can be used to understand more clearly how your advocates are reacting to the issue and quickly see what kind of messaging updates officials and their staff are getting.

Call me, maybe?

Email is still the most popular way for advocates to voice their opinions, but phone calls can be more influential. Our new patch-through phone call enabled widget provides the same functionality as the phone enabled action center but is embedded right in your own action microsite.

This new action widget also includes layout improvements, and we have even more widget-specific updates queued up.

Upcoming Roadmap

  • Improved in-app charts
  • Embedded widget improvements
  • Federal regulations commenting
  • AMS integrations
  • Advocacy filtering in the CRM


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