The Top 10 Advocacy Software Solutions for Grassroots Groups (2024)

The right advocacy software can empower your grassroots group to expand its outreach and increase its effectiveness. Explore these top solutions to learn more.

Advocacy best practices have evolved, and campaigns operating at every level, from national organizations to grassroots groups, can benefit from turning to advocacy software. Modern advocacy software has become a necessity for good reason. The right solution can provide a variety of benefits, such as increased outreach, faster communication, and greater accessibility. 

However, after deciding your organization needs advocacy software, you’ll need to choose which platform to invest in. Advocacy software comes in a wide range of options, and the sheer number of solutions can be overwhelming without a little guidance. 

To help your grassroots organization find the solution you need, our team at Muster has put together this guide of the top twelve advocacy software solutions. With our years of experience helping advocacy organizations of all sizes advance their campaigns and expand their influence, we’ve seen a variety of solutions and have assessed the following platforms to help your organization make as informed of a purchase as possible. 

Muster is the best overall advocacy software solution.

1. Muster - Best Overall Advocacy Software Solution 


Offering an extensive suite of advocacy, communication, and supporter management tools, Muster is the top advocacy software solution for a wide range of organizations. From local grassroots groups and community-based nonprofits to enterprise-level organizations and private companies, Muster’s scalable tools are designed to help all campaigns, whether they’re operating at the local, state, or federal level. 

Muster’s comprehensive platform provides users with both a sophisticated CRM and advocacy-specific tools. Organizations using Muster will receive complete support for their campaigns all with one platform, making it a flexible solution ready to meet your unique advocacy needs. 

Explore Muster's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

Muster offers an extensive range of must-have features, including: 

  • Customizable action centers. Customize your campaign with your organization’s brand elements, videos, messages, and more. 
  • Local, state, federal, and custom target advocacy. Reach out to elected officials for campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels. Or, create a new custom target, unique to your campaign. 
  • Message customization features for advocates. Make advocating as convenient as possible for your supporters, while still giving them the opportunity to share their personal stories.
  • SMS text broadcast functionality. Stay in touch with your supporters even when they’re on the go with Muster’s text broadcasts and mobile-friendly action centers. 
  • Advocacy CRM for managing and segmenting contacts. Manage your supporters by organizing them into unique contact lists, allowing you to organize campaigns, send personalized messages, and track key relationships. 
  • In-depth, real-time analytics and reporting. Stay on top of your campaigns with stakeholder mapping and data cultivation tools. 


Learn more about Muster’s advocacy software by requesting a demo.

Advance your next campaign with Muster's advocacy software.

Grassroots Unwired is the best advocacy software for canvassing.

2. Grassroots Unwired - Best Canvassing Software


Grassroots Unwired is an advocacy software platform that specializes in peer-to-peer advocacy and virtual canvassing. Virtual canvassing is an alternative to traditional canvassing and can help advocacy organizations looking to gather support in their communities. 

Explore Grassroots Unwired's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

Grassroots Unwired provides advocacy groups using their platform with: 

  • Both tablet and remote canvassing options. Grassroots Unwired offers two virtual canvassing solutions: volunteers can complete door-to-door and street canvassing more efficiently with virtual canvassing tools on their tablet or they can canvass from home using virtual communication and conferencing software. 
  • Multi-lingual and branching scripts. You can ensure your volunteers hit all of your organization’s most important talking points with branching scripts and reach out to even more supporters with multi-lingual scripts. 
  • Real-time reporting tools. Supervisors can track your canvassers in the field, allowing them to get in touch with your volunteers at a moment’s notice. 


Explore Grassroots Unwired’s advocacy software by requesting a demo.

Mobilize is the best advocacy software for volunteer management.

3. Mobilize - Best Advocacy Software for Volunteer Management 


Mobilize’s advocacy platform primarily focuses on volunteer recruitment, communication, and management. Specifically, their tools revolve around mobilizing volunteers and organizing advocacy events, boasting a 30% increase in online sign ups and a promised 5-10 hours of time saved every week for each of your staff members. 

Explore Mobilize's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

With Mobilize’s platform, you can look forward to benefits such as:

  • In-person and virtual event management tools. If you’re planning to run events during your campaign, Mobilize allows you to create event volunteer sign up forms within minutes for both in-person and virtual events. 
  • Automated communication tools. Mobilize ensures that you stay in touch with your volunteers automatically from the moment they sign up. Send them automated emails and text messages that are personalized with their unique data. 
  • Access to Mobilize’s volunteer network. Organizations that use Mobilize join their network of 4.8M+ volunteers, meaning they have access to a valuable resource for recruiting new advocates to their cause. 


Learn more by getting in touch with Mobilize’s team and requesting a demo.

Bloomerang's advocacy software has the best donor engagement platform.

4. Bloomerang - Donor Engagement Platform


While Bloomerang is primarily a nonprofit CRM solution focused on donor engagement and retention, the software also has support for advocacy campaigns. This makes it a potential solution for nonprofit organizations looking to launch new advocacy initiatives and further engage their donors with their campaigns.

Explore Bloomerang's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

By using Bloomerang’s advocacy software, you’ll have access to: 

  • Email marketing. Email is a powerful tool for advocacy campaigns, and Bloomerang allows users to create custom emails with their user-friendly editor, schedule when emails go out, and analyze important key performance indicators such as open rate. 
  • Smart reports. Bloomerang tracks an extensive range of data for your organization, but you can refine your reports easily and find what you’re looking for in a few clicks with their smart reports. 
  • Social media listening tools. Track what people are saying about your nonprofit and your advocacy campaign online with social listening tools. Bloomerang’s powerful software can even match tweets with individual users in your database. 


Bloomerang’s price depends on the number of donors your nonprofit will need to make records of. Small organizations with 1,000 donors or less can use Bloomerang for $99/month, while on the other end of the scale, large organizations with between 25,000-40,000 recorded donors would pay $499/month. 

DNL OmniMedia's advocacy software has a strong fundraising app.

5. DNL OmniMedia - Best Advocacy Fundraising App


Organizations that use Blackbaud for their CRM can use DNL OmniMedia’s mobile app MobileAction! for their advocacy campaigns. The app is designed specifically for nonprofits running mobile-based peer-to-peer fundraising and advocacy campaigns. DNL OmniMedia strongly believes in this mobile-focused approach, explaining that from their research 1 in every 4 donors uses their smartphone to discover nonprofits they want to support or donate to. 

Explore DNL OmniMedia's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

DNL OmniMedia’s MobileAction! app offers the following features: 

  • Mobile-friendly. As mentioned, MobileAction! is designed for mobile users with easy-to-manage features optimized for mobile screens. 
  • Integration with Blackbaud. If your nonprofit already uses Blackbaud, the MobileAction! app can be an easy addition to your organization’s tech stack. 
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising support. Leverage your advocates’ connections to spread the word even further through MobileAction!’s peer-to-peer campaign support. 


You can learn more about DNL OmniMedia’s services and products by getting in touch with their team.

EveryAction's advocacy software solution has a robust CRM.

6. EveryAction - Advocacy Software with Fundraising


EveryAction is a CRM with a suite of features, including robust advocacy tools. Their advocacy-specific messaging tools allow nonprofit organizations to incorporate advocacy into their donor outreach methods, increasing supporter engagement. This makes EveryAction a strong potential advocacy software choice for nonprofits looking to invest in a CRM. 

Explore EveryAction's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

Among EveryAction’s many features, you’ll have access to:

  • Integrated fundraising features. EveryAction is built for nonprofits. This focus means that their integrated fundraising features are ready to make the donation process as easy as possible for your supporters. 
  • One-click advocacy. EveryAction allows nonprofits to send custom emails complete with steps supporters can take to support your campaign in only one click.  
  • Messaging tools come with both preloaded officials and custom options. As part of their digital advocacy tools, your organization will have access to EveryAction’s database of preloaded officials, and you can also create custom campaigns targeting other individuals. 


Explore EveryAction by requesting a demo.

Hustle's advocacy software has the best peer-to-peer texting tool.

7. Hustle - Best Peer-to-Peer Texting Tool


Hustle describes its platform as a suite of peer-to-peer texting tools that enable organizations to have the right conversations at the right time. Advocacy organizations interested in launching a campaign based around texting or keeping in touch with their supporters via text messages can leverage Hustle to their advantage. 

Explore Hustle's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

Hustle offers a variety of features, including:

  • Supporter segmentation tools. Hustle allows users to tag their supporters, segmenting them into specific campaigns. Then, organizations can use these narrowed audiences to further personalize their outreach. 
  • Create and send videos via text. You can capture your supporters’ interests for longer by changing up your format with videos sent over text message. 
  • Reliable security and stability. Hustle prioritizes keeping your data safe with their SOC-2 compliance. They also understand the importance of being able to reach your supporters when you need them, inspiring Hustle to strive for a 99.9% platform uptime. 


You can learn more about Hustle by requesting a demo

Quorum has advocacy software for public affair professionals

8. Quorum - Advocacy Software Solution for Large Scale Organizations


Quorum offers advocacy software that ranges from tracking important conversations at the federal level to tools for grassroots mobilization. Their software primarily focuses on staying up to date on the latest trends and bills, allowing advocacy groups to stay informed about the issues and officials relevant to their campaign. 

Explore Quorum's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

Quorum provides users access to the following features:

  • Bill-tracking tools. Quorum’s instant notifications and tracking dashboard ensure that your organization will be among the first to know about any updates to legislation relevant to your campaigns. 
  • Social media monitoring. With the rise of digital advocacy, conversations online can be instrumental for your campaigns. Quorum’s social media monitoring tools allow you to keep an eye on the conversations about your campaign at all times. 
  • Stakeholder management tools. Save details about your key stakeholders with ease, and use Quorum’s key engagement indicators to track each relationship, allowing your team to leverage them more efficiently than before.  


You can learn more about Quorum’s various products by requesting a demo.

ActionKit offers advocacy software for progressive organizations.

9. ActionKit - Advocacy Software for Progressive Organizations


ActionKit markets themselves as an advocacy solution for progressive organizations. Advocacy groups supporting progressive causes can integrate their flexible platform into a variety of CRMs to reliably manage their supporters. Plus, ActionKit makes it a point to regularly update their software, ensuring that users always have access to top advocacy software features. 

Explore ActionKit's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

By using ActionKit, your organization will have access to:

  • Relationship building features. ActionKit comes with a variety of relationship building features, including the ability to add unlimited information fields to user profiles, personalized outreach tools including welcome series, and the option to track user interactions with your staff in each user’s profile. 
  • International organizing support. ActionKit allows advocacy groups to operate at an international level, with multilingual support and fundraising tools that accept other currencies than just US dollars. 
  • API and developer tools. Those with more technical expertise can customize their ActionKit experience further with their accessible developer tools. Build your own application using their database, customize their forms, and redesign their current detailed documentation process. 


You can learn more about ActionKit by requesting a demo.

CallHub's advocacy software is the best phone-based platform.

10. CallHub - Best Phone-Based Platform 


If you’re looking for a phone-oriented advocacy software solution, consider CallHub. CallHub equips users with a wide range of texting and calling features, which can be used to help advocacy organizations stay in touch with their supporters and run effective calling campaigns more easily. 

Explore CallHub's website to learn more about their advocacy software.

Top Features

With CallHub, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Phone-banking. For advocacy campaigns interested in spreading mass awareness, like voting campaigns, CallHub’s phone-banking tools can come in handy. From automating the time-consuming parts of phone calls, such as dialing, and tracking responses, CallHub’s phone-banking tools can help you reach your supporters far more quickly than traditional calling campaigns. 
  • Peer-to-peer texting. You’ve likely heard of peer-to-peer campaigns that can drive advocacy efforts by leveraging your advocates’ personal connections. CallHub takes this a step further with their peer-to-peer texting tools, which combine the personal touch of peer-to-peer campaigns with the speed of text communication. 
  • CRM integration. CallHub is built to work with many of the top CRM solutions out there including Salesforce, Blackbaud Luminate, NationBuilder, and more. 


CallHub has an in-depth pricing system. Users can choose between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans, as well as four packages ranging from their free Lite plan to their most expensive Enterprise plan, which comes with custom pricing. CallHub also has fees that apply if users exceed their plan’s specified call-time or texts. 

Wrap Up

Choosing the right advocacy software requires weighing your organization’s needs, budget, size, and additional factors. As you compare your options, always keep your campaign’s purpose and end goal in mind. This helps ensure that you choose a software solution that fits the needs of your advocacy campaign, rather than forcing your organization to bend to your software. 

Of course, it’s easier to choose the right advocacy software the more knowledgeable you are about advocacy campaigns. As part of your research, study advocacy campaign best practices and current trends. To help kick off this research, try exploring these additional resources: 

Learn how you can maximize your campaign's impact with Muster's advocacy software

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