5 Ways to Use Advocacy Software (That Isn't Creating Advocacy Campaigns)

Creative ways to use advocacy software that is not creating advocacy campaigns


Technology has transformed how advocacy campaigns are developed and implemented. Equipped with digital advocacy tools, nonprofit organizations and associations are able to extend their sphere of influence beyond the communities they serve, by reaching citizens all over the US through online programs. Advocacy software fills the void of government relations in the digital space, but how else can advocacy software be used? The unique features offered by advocacy service providers can be applied in many areas of association operations, take a look at several examples:

  • Demonstrate your association’s commitment to advancing policy goals by embedding Action Centers on your website. Most advocacy software allows customers to easily turn advocacy campaigns into widgets that can be placed within your website’s framework, making it easy for walk-up advocates to find your online Action Alerts.
  • Send legislative updates to your members, keeping them informed about your association’s government relations strategy. Advocacy software, like Muster, allows you to easily send targeted emails to your members.  
  • Figure out which legislators represent your constituents. Advocacy software makes it remarkably easy to discover which elected officials represent your members. Instead of hand-matching your members with the correct legislators, use advocacy software to generate the lists for you. For tips on how to easily use advocacy software to pull constituent lists, contact us.
  • Use analytics produced by advocacy software to learn more about your membership. Advocacy software provides data on email open-rates, email click-through rates, the number of actions each of your members has taken in an advocacy campaign, and a handful of other data that can influence decisions about the best time to contact members, and which members to contact.  
  • Grow your membership. Most online advocacy solutions catered to associations provide tools to help the organizations collect names and grow membership, or simply alert association staff when individuals unknown to the association participate in the group’s digital advocacy campaigns. For example, this advocacy software provides each association with a custom sign-up page.


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