Infographic: Digital Trends in Lobbying and Advocacy

August 17, 2017 at 3:45 PM

It's undeniable that digital tools are more and more having an incredible impact on influencing public policy and on the government relations profession. From nonprofit staffs to lobbyists and everyone in between, the adoption of digital tools and strategies has proved valuable in shaping legislation and regulations. They have also applied data and analytics to a field once left up to hoping a meeting went well. Now nonprofits, associations, and government relations professionals can understand where their supporters lie, how many messages are going to legislators, and use that as proof of efficacy.

It's important to understand trends in lobbying and advocacy in order to ensure that your organization or your client organization can make the biggest impact in the digital age. Online grassroots advocacy continues to be on the rise while traditional forms of government relations are seeing a decline. It's clear there's a push among nonprofits and other organizations that lobby to get as many people that care about their cause involved.

Civic tech and digital advocacy tools are the future, but are they also the now? See the numbers below! 



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Corey Vaughn

Written by Corey Vaughn

Corey leads marketing and brand efforts at Muster — creating content and initiatives to help nonprofits reach their advocacy and engagement goals.

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