Product Updates

August / September 2022 Product Updates

MemberClicks Pro integration, UI updates, action form updates — oh boy, do we have a doozy of an update. Check out Muster's August and September updates.

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MemberClicks Pro Integration

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Thousands of savvy associations turn to Personify’s leading membership management software. And savvy associations know that integrating their membership into advocacy efforts is a winning strategy for winning campaigns and nurturing membership.

With Muster’s new MC Professional integration, customers can run their membership’s advocacy efforts while relying on a single source of truth for membership information. The integration ensures that your Muster database is up to date with your membership and that you can also identify advocate members in your MemberClicks database.

Contact our customer success team to enable it.

U & I ❤️ UI

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We released a number of individually minor but collectively impactful improvements to the interface of the customer platform. Most of these updates involved navigation UI updates, including better hierarchical representation in drop downs and UI breadcrumbs. These updates improved the dashboard’s general usability and were primarily targeted at improving the accessibility of the customer platform.

And we owe a big thank you to the customers who took the time to provide us with the feedback that helped make these updates possible.

Action Forms Update

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One small step for man, one giant leap for action forms.

The default action center landing page now uses our traditional split layout, with content and action form comfortably above “the fold” on large screen browsers. This provides both the context and the visual cue to act upfront. We continually track the performance and usability of action forms to improve them.

CRM Improvements

We continue to improve the Advocacy CRM, including feature additions and performance updates.

The latest updates include the ability to filter all contacts by whether they’ve taken action on a campaign. This allows for segmentation by advocates and non-advocates, which allows for more efficient “activation” and different communication strategies.

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What’s Coming?

  • Our Zapier integration is pending release.
  • Campaign message mapping
  • Even more CRM improvements


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