Mobilize Advocates

Send advocates Action Alerts, prompting them to connect with their elected officials through email, phone, Twitter or US mail.

Influence Public Policy

Ensure elected officials and decision-makers hear from your advocates before important legislative committees, hearings, and votes.

Measure Results

Track advocate engagement and measure the effectiveness of your digital advocacy campaign with detailed analytics. 

Influence & Insight

Muster powers the campaigns behind legislative and regulatory victories by engaging supporters and driving grassroots advocacy.

What Our Clients Say


Elaine E.

VP Marketing and Communications - NC Medical Society

We have been very satisfied with Muster and are glad we made the switch from our previous vendor where everything was a la carte and the customer service was non-existent. Muster has been very attentive to our needs and the software itself is great. We've recommended Muster to several other non-profit organizations in our area because of our good experience with it.

iowa association of justice muster

Andrew M.

Communications Director - Iowa Association For Justice

We increased our grassroots lobbying presence from practically non-existent to one of the most active groups in the state of Iowa. We also grew our activist network 4-fold, with the help of a lot of online ads that drove new activists to the action page.

American Horse Council Muster

Bryan B.

Legislative Affairs - American Horse Council

Muster offers an effective means of connecting your constituents to members of Congress with easily drafted and distributed messages. The team is easily accessible and helpful when responding to questions. As a DC lobbyist with more than ten years of experience in government relations, I strongly recommend it.


What is Digital Advocacy? 

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Considering Advocacy Software? 

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