Powerful grassroots advocacy shouldn't be complicated.

Meet Muster. The easiest way for advocacy and government relations professionals to drive public policy impact, measure performance, and share their organization's impact with policymakers. 


Muster Grassroots Advocacy Software

The go-to solution for organizations, large and small, looking to impact public policy.

Public policy work can be challenging. We build products that make it easier — for you and your advocates. Our intuitive platform and industry-leading support make advocacy and government relations a breeze, whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting started. 

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What is the Muster Grassroots Advocacy Platform? 

Muster gives you the tools to be the driving force behind policy and regulatory change. Rally those who are passionate about your cause. Acquire and build advocates, drive action around your campaigns, and measure your wins.

Muster Advocacy CRM

Advocacy CRM

Acquire, manage, and segment your advocates with ease. Tag grasstops relationships, and visualize your advocates with elegant maps.

Muster Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy Campaigns

Build branded action centers that speak to your advocates and drive action around public policy. Get real-time analytics around campaign performance to measure efforts.

Muster Email Broadcasts

Email Broadcasts

Drive action directly from the Muster platform with our Action Alerts. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to build engaging emails.

Muster Text Broadcasts

Text Broadcasts

Reach your supporters anywhere with Muster's text messaging functionality. Send action alerts or updates to your advocates.

Muster District Impact Reports

Impact Reports

Communicate your economic, social, and political impact with custom reports. Transform your data into a story that influences lawmakers.

Digital Advocacy And Government Relations Solutions Tailored To Your Needs.

Why should you be forced to buy everything under the sun from your advocacy vendor? Here at Muster we do things different. 

We believe you should only get what you need. In fact, our platform was built with that in mind. 

See why organizations are dropping their overpriced, outdated, and bloated advocacy tools and making the switch to a more modern way to do government relations and grassroots advocacy work.


Solutions To Help You Win Backed By Unparalleled Customer Support. 

We make the easiest-to-use digital advocacy platform even easier with responsive, solution-oriented support.

WONDERFUL. Customer service has been so quick, thoughtful, and solution-oriented. The ease of use for me to create action alerts, the ease of use for the members of our organization to send targeted emails - it's been a game-changer for us.

Muster is a great overall value. It provides us with everything we need in strategic grassroots advocacy software. Muster takes it to the next level by better informing our Congressional engagements, providing us analysis on which districts receive our correspondence. This allows us to tailor our messaging and make in-roads with members whom we may not have had prior relationships with.

The product is very easy to use and allows for quick access to our members, lawmakers, and other stakeholders. The customer service provided by the team at Muster is second-to-none!

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Make It Easy For You AND Your Advocates. 

With Muster's advocacy software, you gain access to a comprehensive toolkit that empowers you to effortlessly launch impactful campaigns that drive policy and regulatory change.

Embeddable Action Forms

Advocate Auto-Fill

Message Customization

Message Rotation and Mapping

Custom Thank You Page Messaging

Exportable In-Depth Analytics and Reporting 


Know where your advocates are and when to put them into action.

Identify and segment advocates based on custom fields, advocate activity, grass tops relationships, legislative or geographic boundaries and more.

Muster's robust and user-friendly Advocacy CRM simplifies the process for you and your team, saving time and creating better advocacy results for your organization.

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Curious how Muster could help you drive action?

Request a personalized demo and we'll show you how Muster can ignite grassroots engagement and help you make your mark on public policy.