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Mobilize Advocates

Send advocates Action Alerts, prompting them to connect with their elected officials through email, phone, Twitter or US mail.

Influence Public Policy

Ensure elected officials and decision-makers hear from your advocates before important legislative committees, hearings, and votes.

Monitor Analytics

Track advocate engagement and measure the effectiveness of your digital advocacy campaign with detailed analytics. 

Influence & Insight

Muster powers the campaigns behind legislative and regulatory victories by engaging supporters and driving grassroots advocacy.


Advocacy Software for Everyone. 

Digital advocacy software that empowers organizations to grow and engage like never before. See why Muster is the perfect fit.  

Professional Associations

Charitable Organizations

Chambers of Commerce

Government Relations Professionals


What is Digital Advocacy? 

Download this eBook to learn more about digital advocacy tools built to mobilize constituents on behalf of advocacy-focused organizations

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Nonprofit Advocacy Handbook

Download this eBook for tips for nonprofits looking to engage in advocacy. We know how important advocacy is to your organization. 

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Considering Advocacy Software? 

This eBook provides 10 factors to consider before buying advocacy software. Selecting the right digital tools are mission critical.  

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