3 Reasons to Buy Advocacy Software

December 6, 2017 at 2:04 PM

A successful grassroots advocacy campaign involves multiple moving parts, but advocacy software can be a valuable addition to any legislative strategy. Making it easier to get members engaged and keep them engaged allows the entire organization to have bigger voice. This bigger voice means more influence on elected officials and impacting public policy that favors your organization. Below are three reasons your organization should consider purchasing advocacy software: 

Influence Public Policy

Advocacy software adds a bigger impact to any grassroots network. It is a faster and more simple approach to contacting elected officials. This also makes it easier to influence policies important to your organization as it provides a bigger voice to your membership. Digital advocacy tools allow the organization executive to compose a suggested message, target decision-makers, and alert members to take action. This amount of visibility gives an organization greater influence in the legislative arena.   

Engage Membership

Advocacy software gives members an easy way to contact elected officials and help shape public policy while staying on topic. By making it easier for them to take action, members are more likely to engage in the grassroots advocacy campaign. This is important to success of any campaign. If members are not voicing their position on a bill, then representatives are not hearing it. Keeping members engaged also keeps them apart of your organization. This retention could lead to better recruitment and growth, as non-members see the positive impact of the organization on public policy.

Save Time

Government relations directors have a lot on their plate, why not make their jobs easier? Digital advocacy software provides them with a simple and easy way to contact and alert members to important events, public policy initiatives, and much more. Directors are able to draft messages to targeted elected officials for their members to send, and subsequently see which members took action. In addition, advocacy software provides analytics to give directors a comprehensive look at the progress of their legislative initiatives. Since advocacy software saves busy GR professionals time, it allows for more productivity in other areas of their job responsibilities.   


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Jake Belvin

Written by Jake Belvin

Jake studied marketing and product innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a member of Muster's business development team.

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