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Spring brings new features, clean-up, and a little fun!

Spring brings new features to the Muster platform, as well as some clean-up. Check out the April 2022 product update!

april update-1

With tulips finally sprouting, our team has been engaged in yet more feature development, a bit of spring cleaning, and even created a small treat for everyone.

New embeddable sign-up widgets

Last month’s updated contact forms (aka sign-up forms) added the ability for customers to build advocate lists outside of core advocacy season. They’re even adaptable to other custom purposes using the rich signup form landing pages.

This month we brought to life embeddable contact forms, designed to be included in customers’ own sites. This not only allows adding the forms to general content pages but also enhances our customer’s ability to leverage their own microsites.

Auto-geotargeted action alerts

This month we’re also bringing back auto-geotargeted action alerts.

Customers from our legacy platform were accustomed to automatically sending advocacy email alerts only to geographically relevant contacts based on their campaign’s targeted officials.

In our new platform, we took advantage of more powerful and easy list creation to allow customers to send alerts however they wanted. We thought this flexibility, including even the ability to send to contacts outside the targeted districts, would be a useful tool for customers. It turns out that reality did not bear out this hypothesis! We were wrong, and this week we’ll flip the switch on geotargeted action alerts.

From that point, both email and text action alerts will be sent only to geographically relevant contacts for geo-targeted action centers.

Speedups and spring cleaning

We continue to identify areas to improve in both our product and our technology stack, small and large. Some customers may have already noticed some performance enhancements which are paving the way for more valuable customer-facing features.

Do you know your state capitols?

Our team passed on running a corporate April Fools joke. Have there been any funny ones since the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition? Doubtful.

Instead, we created a little game for guessing American state houses. It was a short but fun little break and you can play here:

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