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At Muster, we’re passionate about building the newest digital advocacy tools to bridge the gap between policymakers and organizations and associations.




At Muster, we’re passionate about building the newest and greatest technology to bridge the gap between policymakers and mission-oriented organizations and associations. Our product development process is greatly informed by discussing digital advocacy ideas with the amazing association and nonprofit leaders we work with. Thanks to their insight and feedback, we've been hard at work improving Muster, as we strive to be the best digital advocacy tool for our clients. We are happy to announce these exciting new features that will supplement our new software we released earlier this month:

New Step for Creating Action Alerts


In the old version of Muster, the first step to creating an Action Alert was to give it a name, select a communication channel and select a list of contacts to receive the alert. Once these things were in place, there was no way to go back and edit them. We have received a lot of customer feedback requesting the ability to go back and edit these selections after they are in place.


We listened to this feedback and have split this process into two separate steps. Moving forward, the first step when creating an Action Alert will only be to give it a name (which you can come back and edit later) and select a communication type for your contacts to contact their legislators (note: this cannot be edited later). The new second step will be to choose what list(s) of contacts you wish to receive your action alert, and decide whether or not to geotarget your campaign. All of this will be editable should you advance on to another step of the creation process and then decide to come back and change something.

Step 1first_step.png


Step 2


New Customization Feature for Email Subject Lines to Legislators

You will now have a new option when determining email subject lines that appear in your target legislator(s’) email inbox. When creating an Action Alert from now on, Muster will automatically default to having a subject line your contacts will fill out when sending out an email to a legislator. This greatly diversifies the subject lines of emails going into the inboxes of elected officials, increasing the likelihood that they will get opened and read. For a more in-depth explanation of the new subject line options, continue reading below:Screen_Shot_2016-02-22_at_3.33.03_PM.png

As you can see above, the blue toggle is now automatically selected, requiring all Action Alert takers to create their own email subject line into the message to the legislator. However, if you’d still prefer to have a prefilled subject line that is editable by your contacts or you want to lock the subject line completely, you can still do so by clicking the toggle to ‘NO’ and entering in a subject line as seen below.



From here, you will have the ability to allow contacts to edit the prefilled subject line or you can change the toggle to ‘NO’ and the subject line will be locked.


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