3 Ways Grassroots Advocacy Software Can Strengthen Your Community

August 26, 2016 at 3:00 PM


How do grassroots advocacy software and community advocacy intersect? As a leader or member of an organization you know that, more important than anything, are the community members that care about your cause. They’re the ones who help put in the footwork to make a positive change happen, especially in grassroots advocacy. It can be difficult to get your community engaged especially when you need them the most. That’s where the wonders of grassroots advocacy software come in:

Rallying Around A Specific Cause

Nothing brings people together like a common cause that your organization faces. Take for instance the James River Association, they needed Virginians everywhere to realize the value of their river after a disastrous oil spill. After a series of community conversations everyone came to a consensus on what needed to be done, and then they executed on that vision using advocacy software.


Educating and Building Knowledge

While being a member of an organization is a wonderful thing, action is what really drives the positive change your group seeks. Having the knowledge of who your representative is and how you can directly communicate with them is a big piece of the puzzle. Instead of wasting time by googling "who is my representative?" or "what congressional district am I in?" invest in advocacy software. While some online tools use zip-to-district matching which can be inaccurate when pairing constituents with their corrected elected officials, the newest grassroots advocacy software solutions, like Muster, utilize coordinate-based matching to make sure people’s voices are heard by the right representatives.

More People = More Perspectives 

Advocacy software also has the ability to bring new supporters into your organization, providing you with different perspectives within your community. This will only strengthen your advocacy group and provide you with more insight into how you can better understand and serve your community. The ability to easily grow your list of advocates and become a more impactful organization a key benefit of advocacy software. Grassroots advocacy software is an excellent tool that can save your organization time, money, and help promote its mission by allowing you to focus more on your community and its needs. What's not to love?

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Corey Vaughn

Written by Corey Vaughn

Corey leads marketing and brand efforts at Muster — creating content and initiatives to help nonprofits reach their advocacy and engagement goals.

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