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4 Ways a Chamber of Commerce Can Provide More Value To its Membership

A Chamber of Commerce offers many substantial perks to its members. We’ve broken down potential value propositions into 4 categories, including advocacy.

A Chamber of Commerce offers many substantial benefits to its membership. Scroll down to learn about four value propositions offered by Chambers of Commerce to its members, and how these member-focused opportunities often result in positive outcomes for the organization as well. 


A monthly electronic newsletter is an affordable and effective way to engage with your members directly, while simultaneously educating them on issues at the local, state, and federal levels. A newsletter will also keep members up to date on events and happenings within your own Chamber of Commerce, as a result you may see higher rates of member engagement in future events.  


Promote your members and their businesses in the community, both online and offline. Highlighting member businesses on your website will go a long way in strengthening the value you provide to your members and to the public that benefits from a strong local economy. Consider community awards, digital spotlights and other ways to recognize members who represent the mission of your Chamber of Commerce and go above and beyond.

Advocate (Online Advocacy) 

Small business owners juggle a variety of responsibilites, leaving their local Chamber of Commerce to take some of that weight off their shoulders by working to make sure that their business operates in a landscape it can thrive in. There’s no better way to promote a positive business climate than making sure public policy fits your members needs and protects their interests. Advocacy software is a great tool for saving time and creating legislative action.


The most valuable proposition you can offer to potential members as a Chamber of Commerce is leadership. By using the combined experience of your board, setting attainable goals and launching initiatives that allow your members and region to prosper, you can really make a difference in the lives of your members and the communities they serve by pursuing initiatives that protect and defend the business communities. 


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