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Meetings, Zaps, UX Updates And More — Summer 2023 Product Updates

Discover the latest product updates from Muster, including an updated messaging dashboard, Zapier integration, and a brand new meeting logging feature.

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With summer drawing to a close, we can finally turn our eyes to autumn, the season of playoff baseball, gorgeous chromatic arboreal vistas 🍂, and elections, off-years included! Here’s what we’ve delivered in the product and what’s in the hopper for the next few months of retail pre-Christmas.

🛸 Shipped, landed, and released

📨 Consolidated broadcast messaging dashboard

All your messages in one place. Broadcasts give customers the ability to send any kind of outbound email or text, from newsletters to announcements. Action alerts on the other hand, are tied to specific action centers as a component of the advocacy tool. They filtering recipient lists as needed based on campaign targeting and track advocate actions against the alert message.

Now the broadcasts dashboard includes both email and text alerts right in line with existing email and text broadcasts. Alerts are still have available from and associated with their original action center, but surfacing them in the primary broadcast dashboard makes finding them much faster and more intuitive.

⚡️ Zapier integration (again!)

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 12.40.14 PM

We shipped some improvements to Muster’s Zapier integration that add several levels of capabilities. The “new signup” trigger is now real-time which makes it suitable for more than just data syncing. Configure alerts and get real time Slack notifications every time someone signs up, as it happens!

Better than this, the integration is now two-way, so you can add contacts into Muster from your other services. Whether you want to keep your non-profit’s CRM synced or make use of existing email signup forms, you can now ensure all of those contacts are available for Muster’s precision advocacy tools.

🤝 Meet Meetings

Lots of our customers love meetings - not the three-hour-PowerPoint kind, no, the kind where you sit down with decision makers in order to, well, advocate for the issues that matter. But how do you track your efforts? And how do you take subsequent steps from there?

We’ve shipped a meetings feature to start growing this functionality. It’s currently customer-usable but hidden from general use as we shape it. If meeting logging is valuable to you and your advocacy efforts, send a note to customer support to get a quick demo and start using it. We have big plans and would love to get your early feedback.

If you’re a future customer, be sure to ask about this in your product demo.


Actually, there’s no real product update here. We just wanted to add it to this update again since it’s been so successful to date! And to remind customers that you can use Muster to collect and submit comments on Federal regulations published on Reach out to customer support to get started and review the requirements to engage your advocates in federal rule making.

More minor updates

To quote 90% of mobile app updates ever, we continue to ship “various bug fixes and performance improvements” 🙂

🤔 What’s up next? 

All actions widget

Isn’t it nice to set-and-forget? No, we're not talking about rotisserie ovens.

The soon-to-be-here action center listing tool lets you embed a widget in your own website with all of your current action centers just a click away for your advocates.

Contact activity

See at a glance what any contact has done in the course of their “Muster lifecycle”. From when they were added, to emails they’ve received, and actions they’ve taken.


The official Salesforce app integration is so close you can almost taste it. It kind of tastes like strawberries. 

Around the horn

Alabama will redraw its Congressional districts, again, in 2024 based on a recent US District Court ruling. This could change on appeal, of course. That said, the Supreme Court has already upheld the initial ruling in this case, so for now we’re assuming the Yellowhammer state will have new boundaries for the next election cycle.

Want to see the #1 rated easiest to use advocacy and public affairs software on G2 in action? Request a live demo to see how Muster can help you amplify your organization voice in public policy. 

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