5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Generate Non-Dues Revenue

Collecting non-dues revenue/ associations looking diversify their revenue stream should create other opportunities to collect non-dues revenue

For many small nonprofit organizations and associations, revenue generated from membership dues is nearly 50% less than top associations (source: Here). Because small organizations may have a limited audience to collect dues from, non-dues revenue is essential. Non-dues revenue is money that is made by an association that is not a membership fee. Collecting non-dues revenue can be difficult for small associations because of the challenges they face to support programs that could become a source for non-dues revenue. However difficult creating such programs may be, it is beneficial to diversify your organization’s revenue stream.     

1. Conferences and Meetings

If your association sponsors trade shows, annual meetings or conferences, you may be able to collect non-due revenue by charging fees for attendees who are looking to set up a booth or hold an educational session. For more ideas, this article by WebBright offers 7 ways to generate non-dues revenue for your membership organization.

2. Offer Useful Educational Sources 

Become a source of useful products and/or services for your intended audience. Offering webinars, digital magazines and directories for a small fee may amount to a steady stream of revenue. Additionally, offering branded items to your membership is a great way to not only engage your membership, but raise some money by selling apparel, pens, and other items that show your association’s brand. 

3. Create Advertising Opportunities

 If your association regularly offers webinars or sends out a monthly newsletter, you may be able to solicit advertising space to vendors looking to reach your audience. Opportunities for other companies to sponsor your webinar or place an ad in your newsletter will contribute to non-dues revenue.

4. Host Educational Events

Host events and accreditation programs and charge a fee (Source: Here). Many association professionals looking to become a CAE need to attend programs that contribute to the credits needed to achieve certification, so a program offered by your association will be invaluable and worth every penny to an aspiring-CAE. 

5. Donations! Donations! Donations! 

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