Product Updates

Circle backs, sign-up forms and madness come to Muster in March.

March 2022 brings some great updates to the Muster platform. Check out our latest product updates to learn more!


March is here, madness is upon us, and the groundhog thinks state sessions will go another six weeks (we’ll see!).

Circle Back Alerts

Did you get my email?


Sometimes, it takes an extra nudge to remind your audience to take action for long-running and urgent advocacy campaigns. The new “circle back” feature enables customers to send a follow-up email action alert to contacts. These follow-up alerts target previous recipients who still have not taken action, minimizing the number of emails sent to your list.

Follow-ups, combined with multi-channel outreach, are crucial to maximizing advocacy results, and we’re excited about the future this new feature has.

Sign-up Forms

Sign-up forms are making a comeback and better than ever.

Inspired by sign-up forms from the original Muster product, the new and improved sign-up forms allow you to create engaging pages strictly to sign up new contacts without requiring any action on their part. This form is a critical tool to advocate acquisition throughout the calendar year, even when your target legislatures and official bodies are not in session.

The new iteration of contact forms gives you the same control over custom fields and design as our next-generation action center creation tool.

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