How to Inspire Advocacy Action with Creative Content

How to Inspire Advocacy Action with Creative Content

Technology has greatly augmented how advocacy organizations are able to connect with their supporters, and subsequently reach out to policymakers. But, how do you motivate your supporters to become fervent advocates supporting your cause? The answer lies in the content you weave into your online advocacy campaigns. Creating engaging content means crafting language that is not only inspiring, but actionable. Successful online advocacy campaigns include information and details motivating your supporters to act. on The text used in an online advocacy campaign should be calling upon your supporters to advocate by including motivation and detail. Here are a few tips to perfecting inspiring online advocacy content: 

  • Keep it concise, but don’t lose inspiring text in brevity. It’s important to enlighten your supporters on the cause you want them to take action on, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. 
  • Add some descriptive imagery through text, make your supporters see why they need to take action. If they are already members or supporters of your organization, chances are, it won’t take much convincing on your end, but you always want to reinforce the value that their individual advocacy can bring. 
  • Through Muster, you can customize the “Take Action” button on your Call to Action. You can let it say, “Click Here to Email” or “Click to To Take Action”, rather than just “Click Here” or “Submit”. In general, words that evoke the idea of “change” and “action” will be most impactful here.

Creativity: A Catalyst for Change

Here is a handy list of some great action-filled words to include in your next Action Alert with Muster:

  • Act Now
  • Alert
  • Answer
  • Banish
  • Boost
  • Complete
  • Demand
  • Deny
  • Generate
  • Imagine
  • Increase
  • Jump Start
  • Maximize
  • Start
  • Trigger

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