Product Updates

Text Messaging and Advocacy Mapping Now Available.

December 2021 brings some major updates to Muster, including the release of Text Broadcasts and the introduction of advocate mapping in action centers.

Muster Dec. 2021 Updates

The Muster team has been hard at work this fall and we're excited to share some major product updates that radically improve your ability to reach your advocates.

Text Messaging

Text alerts have officially landed! Text alerts for action centers allow you to message your opted-in contacts over SMS, sharing action centers with motivated advocates on a high engagement channel. As with email action alerts, text action alerts include a unique recipient-specific link to enable form prefilling and a smooth user experience.

In addition to advocacy-specific text alerts, this release also includes the more general-purpose text broadcasts, which can be used to prime your contacts for an upcoming event or thank them for a campaign's success.

Text messaging is an add-on feature available for customers already using Muster broadcasts. Contact our sales or customer support team to learn how to start using it on your account today.

Advocacy Mapping

In an effort to enrich the analytics and reporting experience, you can now geo-visualize precisely where your action takers are.

Every action center now shows you the exact spot on the map for each advocate. Now you can see how your actions are distributed to gauge where advocates are engaging.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 1.29.51 PM

Stay tuned as we continue to bring quality of life and feature updates to the Muster advocacy platform on a monthly basis.

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