6 Ways Your Association Can Celebrate Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day, but here are 6 ways your association can celebrate earth day this April 22. Plenty of digital friendly activities to help nature.


On this date in 1970, Earth Day was celebrated for the very first time. Since then, people all over the world take part in honoring the Earth on this annual holiday. Today, the Muster team took some time to show our support for protecting the environment, and we hope you do too! Here are a few ways your office can celebrate Earth Day:

1. Throw a digital gardening party.

Zoom and Google Hangouts can be used for more than just meetings and happy hours. Take some time with your team this week to have a digital plant party where you each start growing something in your homes. It not only helps you connect with mother nature, but it's a fantastic team building exercise everyone can keep checking in on.

2. Share local groceries with your colleagues and simultaneously support local markets and producers.

Now more than ever, local markets and producers need our support. Members of our team at Muster have been signed up with a local farm where they have the chance to pick up fresh, local groceries. Shopping local is a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. E-cycle your electronic waste.

If your office is tossing old computer or TVs to make room for new pieces, make sure you are doing it safely and in an environmentally-friendly way!

4. Buy eco-friendly cleaning products for the home and office.

There is no easier way to create an eco-friendly office than by choosing “green” office products, which you will use on a daily and weekly basis.

5. Get some plants!

Plants help freshen the office air quality, serve as mood booster, and increase productivity and creativity! 

6. Donate or volunteer with a local environmental nonprofit. 

Nonprofits rely on the good will and care of people. You can have the biggest impact by helping out locally. Look for local nonprofits that protect the river, trees, and land around you. Take some time and participate in a trash clean up or support them with a donation to make sure they have the resources they need.


Most importantly, spread awareness and make sure everyone on your team knows it’s Earth Day! It’s an important day of celebration that brings all of humanity together. Share graphics and images on your social media outlets, and make sure your community is aware! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The Nature Conservancy are sponsoring a hashtag event, #NatureSelfie, so take a team photo and participate on Instagram!
Remember that every day truly is an Earth Day. April 22 is simply a day of re-acknowledging the need to protect and care for our home. Happy Earth Day everyone! 

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