Why Associations Need to Know Tech Buzzwords

Why Associations Need to Know Tech Buzzwords What tech terms should you know to give your association a leading edge in a constantly changing landscape? Technology is a constantly evolving industry....


What technology or software-related terms should you know to give your association an edge? Technology is a constantly evolving industry. Because of this, association and nonprofit professionals need to stay aware of technology trends and buzzwords in order to stay ahead of the curve. Chances are, most of these terms apply to digital and marketing strategies you currently employ. We’ve compiled a basic of list of terms that are frequently used across various industries that rely on technology. 

A/B Testing: Comparing two different versions of user-facing web applications/creations to evaluate the success of each, and to see which one performed better.

Advocacy Software: Software that is designed to streamline and automate the advocacy process on both the association’s end and for their grassroots supporters.

Big Data: One of the most frequently used buzzwords in both public and proivate sectors. Big data refers to large quantities of data/information that can be analyzed and interpreted to forecast and better understand trends.

The Cloud: Internet-based storage outlet that can be accessed through remote servers. Cloud-based programs operate through “the Cloud” and offer associations and organizations flexibility and reliability.

Cloud Computing: Internet-based way of storing, managing, and delivering data and/or services.

End-Users: The customers and clients who utilize the product.

Front-End: The server-side, which is client-facing. Development on this end connects back-end development with the visible web page.

Interface (Software Computing): The operating system.

Real-Time: Describes a software/computer/program’s ability to process information in actual time. Analytics are usually presented to end-users real-time. 

Responsive Web Design: If a web page is responsive, that means that users are able to view and interact with the web site through various different devices (mobile phones, desktop computers, etc.)

RSS Feed: Automatically pulls relevant content into one feed, containing all links to the selected stories/webpages.

SaaS: “Software-as-a-Service”. Software that provides clients/customers with a specific service through the Internet. Cloud-based.

Are there other terms that you think would be useful for organizations to know? Comment in the section below! 

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