Find Zen Through Nonprofit Technology Tools

March 15, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Zen is often defined as ‘complete and absolute peace’. In the fast-moving nonprofit world, finding any peace can be challenging, but it’s not out of reach with the right nonprofit technology tools. Great nonprofit online tools afford those who use them correctly more time and energy to apply elsewhere. When people possess this extra time and energy, they have the opportunity to find some personal zen.

As president of Muster, I have been fortunate to visit with directors and staff of nonprofits, at state and national levels. Working with nonprofits over the years, I’ve noticed the following:

  • Energetic people move swiftly and look for collaboration
  • The nonprofit team is usually responsible for covering a wide array of work
  • Nonprofit staff look to save time and energy when they can

Nonprofits are filled with energetic people, but they are tasked with so many items that it may be difficult to find true ‘zen’.

Staff members of nonprofits should turn to software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools to create further efficiency in their daily work schedules. These nonprofit technology tools are products are available on the internet, purchased on a recurring basis, and can be accessed from anywhere, on most devices. Think of SaaS tools as ‘on-demand software’.

From member advocacy, fund-raising and event management to simple communications, there is a SaaS product on the market to help any nonprofit increase efficiency. It has never been easier to evaluate all SaaS options. A great online resource is Capterra, which is an index of software products containing ratings and reviews. Nonprofits should continue to pursue SaaS products and other technology tools to identify ways they can be integrated within the fabric of their organizations. For busy nonprofit staffers, utilizing online tools will allow the organization to increase efficiency, freeing up some time and helping team members find some more ‘zen’.

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Alex Schettine

Written by Alex Schettine

Alex is the founder and President of Muster.

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