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Salesforce integration, UI updates, and more come to Muster in January

The new year brings a bunch of new things to Muster. We're launching new landing pages, a Salesforce integration, and more with our January updates.

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Our engineering elves were hard at work before the close of 2021, and we're rolling out several new features and product improvements to help our customers kick off the 2022 advocacy season with a bang.


Patch through phone calls

Starting this month, patch through phone calls will be available for all advocacy platform customers. Phone calls carry a more personal touch than email to officials, and in a survey were identified as 50% more influential than email messages[1]. With Muster's patch through phone calls, you can leverage the increased impact of direct constituent phone calls.

To use patch through calls, you can simply choose "Phone Call" as an action center communication channel, either by itself or with "Email" to allow your advocates to select their communication method. When your advocates visit the action center, they can choose which action they want to take, and then all they will need to do is fill in their contact information and click "Call" to be patched through directly to each targeted Official's office. Instead of a prefilled message, you can provide talking points that your advocates can reference on their call.

Ask our customer support team to enable patch through phone calls to get the ear of your legislators and decision-makers today.

[1] The Future of Citizen Engagement: Rebuilding the Democratic Dialogue; Congressional Management Foundation

Salesforce integration

muster salesforce

This month our engineering team is making our new Salesforce integration available to customers on a rolling basis. A Salesforce integration is by far our number one customer feature request, and we are excited to kick off our first data integration.

After the Salesforce upgrade is enabled for your account, you will be able to link your Muster and Salesforce accounts directly from your Muster account settings to begin contact syncing. The initial sync will link contacts in Muster and Salesforce and create missing contacts in each system. Daily syncs then ensure that new contacts from each system are reflected in the other. Our sync is designed with data safety in mind, ensuring that your existing data in Salesforce is not modified. 

The first Salesforce release allows Muster customers to manage their data without tedious exports. We encourage customers interested in connecting their Muster and Salesforce accounts to contact our customer team to learn how to enable the integration on their account.

And we are inviting customers to help guide future iterations of our data integrations! If your organization would like to make further use of integrations with Muster and Salesforce, or other systems, our product team is eager to talk to you about your specific use cases.

New landing pages


Advocacy requires taking action, and the primary touchpoint for advocates is the action center landing page. As part of our commitment to provide the most effective advocacy platform for our customers, we have been analyzing and tweaking the design of the action center landing pages. The updated design improves the priority of the action form itself and removes unnecessary clicks. We'll be rolling out updated action center landing pages on a rolling basis for existing customers.

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