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The Nonprofit Advocacy Landscape

Is raising awareness and political advocacy important to your organization? Get a lay of the land with this eBook as it guides you through the steps to take for any nonprofit looking to engage in the legislative process and make grassroots change. 

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What Is Digital Advocacy?

Get an understanding for the basics of the rapidly developing space of online political advocacy. Explore and learn best tactics, and discover how software, social media, and new technologies are changing the way people interact with elected officials.

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10 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Advocacy Software

So you've decided your organization needs advocacy software, or maybe you're reconsidering your current vendor? Either way we've compiled and broken down 10 Factors to consider before taking that next step and buying.

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Getting Your Board On Board

We get it. Investing in technology for your nonprofit is a big decision, and often never made by just one person. This eBook gives you the tools to confidently propose new technologies to your board that can take your nonprofit to the next level.

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Advocacy Checklists

Nonprofit Advocacy Checklist

Engaging in political advocacy requires a process, so we put together this step-by-step checklist to help your nonprofit organization.

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Chamber Advocacy Checklist

This checklist distills down everything your chamber of commerce should be doing to prepare for a state legislative session. 

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Lobbying Trends

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The New Advocacy Landscape

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