How to Embed an Action Center for Online Advocacy

How to embed a Muster advocacy action center

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Muster's legislative Action Centers are clean, intuitive advocacy hubs for citizens to connect with elected officials. Depending on how your association circulates an Action Center, your team may be interested in embedding the Action Center on a landing page, or elsewhere on your website. 

It only takes a few lines of HTML to accomplish this goal. Below, we've listed the basic code snippet to create an iFrame- a way of letting your browser know you are embedding a document. The yellow URL is the link to your Action Center, just copy-and-paste the full URL into quotation marks. Based on the design of your website, you may also need to adjust the sizing parameters included in the code. Width= can be set to any number that changes the size of the Action Center to best fit on your landing page. It might take a few adjustments! To insert the iFrame into your web page, you have to edit the page's source code (<>). 


<iframe src="" width="1600px" height="700px" frameborder=0></iframe> 


For example, this is a fictional Action Center that we've embedded below:

If you are a current client of Muster or generally interested in learning more about using Muster Action Centers to the fullest, call us! 1.804.349.3727    

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