Top 4 Nonprofit Fundraising Software Options

March 28, 2019 at 10:57 AM

For many nonprofits, fundraising is essential. Luckily, dozens of software options exist that can simplify and enhance charitable organizations’ fundraising operations. We’re sharing four of our favorite nonprofit fundraising software solutions that we’ve recommended to our customers (Muster specializes in advocacy software). Also, let us know if we’re missing any great fundraising tools in the comments!

  • Giving Fuel 

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    Overview: GivingFuel prides itself on being the simplest donation solution and one of the most affordable. Their platform allows both new and established organizations to easily fundraise and manage donors. You can create branded web pages with their intuitive drag-and-drop system, helping you build online donation campaigns that are easily shareable across social media.

    Features: Branding control, integrations, recurring donations, unlimited forms, instant exports, no contracts.

    Price: Plans start at $50/month. But, you can sign up for a free account and start accepting donations today!
  • Bloomerang

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    Overview: Bloomerang’s user-friendly donor management software is focused on providing nonprofits with the functionality needed to increase both revenue and donor engagement. The company was also built for fundraisers by fundraisers, so the tools are designed to meet the specific needs of nonprofit fundraisers.

    Features: Interactive dashboard, integrations, major gifts research, email marketing, donor surveys.

    Price: Plans start at $99/month. 
  • Fundly

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    Overview: Fundly is a donation platform that is accessible to both individuals and nonprofits. The process to raising funds is straightforward: you create a donation page and then funnel traffic to your landing page by sending emails to your contacts through Fundly’s Email Templates or through their different social media options.

    Features: Blog posts, video functionality, mobile responsiveness, email templates

    Price: It is free to create an account, but Fundly takes a 4.9% fee from each transaction.

  • DonorPerfec


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    Overview: DonorPerfect likens its platform to a fundraising growth solution with a focus on relationships. The platform is a fully integrated one-stop shop for organizational fundraising needs. DonorPerfect’s software also provides comprehensive reporting on donor activity so you can refine your fundraising strategy through data.

    Features: CRM database, mobile app, integrated event forms, implementation and training, gift processing, reporting

    Price: Plans start at $89/month.

Muster Staff

Written by Muster Staff