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Amplify Your Chamber's Legislative Voice

Between a membership management system and grassroots tools, Muster's advocacy software is catered to meet the needs of Chambers of Commerce. Enhance your advocacy strategy with Muster's powerful digital advocacy tools.



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Grow Advocacy Network and Influence Public Policy

"Muster’s advocacy software made it very easy for me to initiate advocacy efforts on specific issues. Our members indicated it only took them a few minutes to understand an issue and make contact with elected officials about it. The simplicity and design of the system makes it much easier to get our members in advocacy.”


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John Easter 
Sr. VP, Government & Community Affairs
Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce

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Track Advocacy Campaigns

Muster’s digital advocacy tools allow you to track the action and participation rates of members. In-depth analytics provide a detailed look at the success of advocacy campaigns, helping chambers promote business friendly policies in an impactful way.
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Connect with Legislators

 Create targeted, customized lists based on geographic and political data from the local, state, and federal level. Muster converts addresses into GPS coordinates, pinpointing locations within political boundaries and matching members with legislators.
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Inform Business Community

Send email broadcasts using Muster's templates educating your members about policy-relevant business issues. Muster even allows you to send segmented email blasts, targeting members within specific political or geographic districts.
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Manage and Grow Membership

Increase your chamber's visibility in the community by growing your membership base through Muster’s online grassroots tools. Organize, segment, and sort your membership list in Muster's contact management portal.

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Be the Voice of the Business Community 

Did you know that 60% of businesses say that stakeholders expect them to participate in advocacy? As your Chamber's members are increasingly feeling the pressure to have a voice in the legislative scene, provide your member businesses with the guidance and digital tools they need to have an impact. Advocate for your Chamber of Commerce's business community by engaging members and protecting business-friendly policies. Give value to your members by: 

  • Arranging Phone Calls with Legislators 
  • Tweeting Policy Stances 
  • Sending US Mail to Elected Officials 
  • Communicating with Lawmakers via Email 


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