Organize. Mobilize. Muster.

Grassroots Tools To Drive Action

Muster's advocacy tools not only make it easy for you to build powerful campaigns, but simple for your advocates to click and take action via email, patch-through phone calls, social media, and more.  

Advocacy At Every Level

Whether you have a local, state, or national issue to conquer, Muster's advocacy software gives you the power to target policy-makers at every level of government along with committees and custom targets.

Unparalleled District Matching

All of your contacts are geocoded, meaning we go beyond just zip-to-district matching to ensure your advocates are matched with their correct elected official by creating a coordinate for each address. 

Data For Better Advocacy Campaigns

With real-time engagement analytics and the ability to export campaign and contact data — your organization can measure ROI, discover new supporters, and benchmark member engagement.

Tools That Power Change. Support That Ensures Success.

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"We needed a simple and straightforward 'contact your legislator' tool. We got that and more."

- Andrew M., Communications Director

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"As a DC lobbyist with more than ten years of experience in government relations, I strongly recommend it."

- Bryan B., Legislative Affairs

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"We...are glad we made the switch from our previous vendor where everything was a la carte and the customer service was non-existent."

- Elaine E., VP, Communications/Marketing

the action form

Gather supporters. Send messages to legislators. Create change. All from your website.

The action form allows you to easily embed your advocacy campaigns on any landing page making it easy for your supporters to take action. Responsive design ensures it looks good across devices.



muster advocacy action form

Engage Your Supporters In Digital Advocacy To Shape Public Policy.

Muster makes it simple for any organization to create engaging advocacy campaigns built to effect change. Connect your members with their elected officials, amplify your message, uncover new supporters, and track supporter engagement. 


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