Organize Your Organization.

Understand Your Stakeholders

Legislative districts, geographical regions and endless custom fields give you an unparalleled understanding of who and where your stakeholders are. 

Visualize Supporter Data

Visually analyze stakeholder distribution through both marker and heat maps to gain new insight into your supporter capital. 

Time-Saving Tools

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and cut hours off of typical contact management work. Muster's CRM prepares you with data for effective advocacy, board meetings, email campaigns and more. 

Build Targeted Lists

Segment your stakeholder lists into specific categories by organizing contacts through unlimited custom fields that fit your needs. Easily export custom lists to share with anyone.  

Voter-Legislator Visualization

Determine where your constituents live and which elected officials represent them. The ability to visualize stakeholder distribution across both heat and marker maps provides an unparalleled level of awareness into your grassroots advocacy coverage. Muster's contact management tool provides valuable insight into the influence of your supporters. 


Enhanced Contact Management

Muster's contact management tool provides an intuitive way to organize and manage constituents. Easily segment stakeholders by legislative and geographic boundaries or add your own custom fields to generate accurate, customized lists of your constituents. 

Grasstops Relationship Logging

Append critical grasstops information to your contacts. Use this insight to discover the hidden connections and latent political influence of your supporter base. 


See How You Can Enhance Your Contact Management In Under 30 Minutes.