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Our Story

Muster is an award-nominated technology company with offices in Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC. Muster's online advocacy tools empower associations, organizations and other advocacy groups to mobilize their advocates and meet their legislative goals.
We work to connect lawmakers and other decision-makers with citizens by building intuitive and innovative advocacy software. Muster has a proven track record in powering the campaigns behind legislative victories and driving grassroots advocacy on local, state, and federal levels.

Our Team


Alex Schettine

Thinker, amateur chef, Tulane alum and Founder of Muster. Alex enjoys solving complex problems with data and innovative technology.


Max Schick

Max studied Political Science at Virginia Tech. A native of Richmond, Va, he is dedicated to data-driven decision-making and technology. When he's not at Muster, you can find him on the soccer field.


Cleo Dan

Cleo graduated with a B.A. in international studies and minors in economics, political science and Spanish from Elon University. She’s passionate about the intersection of political engagement and technology. Cleo enjoys traveling, painting, and volunteering


Corey Vaughn

Corey studied Creative Advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is passionate about branding and creating media that forces people to think differently. Corey loves to cook, travel and discover new restaurants.


Joe Manriquez

Joe received a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is interested in the impact technology has on business strategy. Joe enjoys playing soccer, hiking with his dog, and playing board games.


Susanna Gooch

Susanna has returned to her hometown of Richmond after earning a B.A. in Performance/Speech and Journalism at Wagner College and developing her career in sales & communications in NYC. A lover of pets, the outdoors and music, she is always looking for a way to fuel her curiosity.


Khalil Grant

Khalil studied Creative Advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University. He enjoys solving problems pertaining to branding and marketing. In his spare time, Khalil plays soccer and likes to travel.


Pendleton Jones

Pendleton studied philosophy and government at the University of Virginia. Whether he's developing web applications or further honing his ceramics skills in the studio, he is always looking for a way to be creative.


Hugues Beaulieu

Hugues studied marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University and is interested in helping Muster’s clients achieve their goals through technology. Hughes enjoys trying new restaurants and plays soccer in his free time.


Jake Belvin

Jake studied marketing and product innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is interested in the influence of human-centered design on advocacy outcomes. In his spare time, he plays ultimate frisbee.


Winston McLean

Winston takes an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and web development. When he is not developing new advocacy software, you can find him off in some distant corner of the world looking for an adventure.


Brandon Closson

Brandon is a self-taught software engineer, passionate about web development. He likes building awesome things.

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