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The Basics

What is digital advocacy?

We believe in technology that makes the policy process more accessible to the public. Taking this to heart, we are creating innovative digital advocacy tools that empower organizations to engage in the policymaking process through the unified voice of citizens.

Tools: Pricing

How much does our advocacy software cost? 

To learn about our pricing plans, please schedule a demo and speak with one of our advocacy experts. We offer plans for organizations of all budgets and sizes.  

Are there any setup/onboarding fees?


Are any features restricted by pricing?   

No. Regardless of your organization's size or pricing plan, you will have complete access to the Muster platform and all of its tools, including targeting legislators at the local, state, and federal levels. 

Advocacy Software Features

Does Muster integrate with social media?

Yes, Muster allows you to connect your advocates with legislators on Twitter. Additionally, social sharing buttons are included in every advocacy campaign.

What channels does Muster use to communicate with legislators?

Email, patch-through phone calls, Twitter, or U.S. mail. 

What advocacy analytics do I have access to? 

You can measure and track open-rates, see which of your advocates took action, which legislators were contacted and other important details about the success of your campaign

Customer Support

How can I contact Muster?

You can call us, email us, and live chat with us on our website! 

What days is customer support available?

Our customer support team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.