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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Chamber Of Commerce
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During North Carolina’s 2017 legislative session, the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce successfully used Muster's advocacy software to fight for an issue close to the heart of the community. 


Our Client

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce advocates for business-friendly public policy in the North Carolinian region it represents. Before using Muster, the Chamber used a different online advocacy provider, but switched after experiencing Muster’s ease-of-use and mission-critical features that the Chamber’s former service lacked. The Chamber integrated Muster into its advocacy program in preparation for North Carolina’s legislative session.  

Why Digital Advocacy Helps Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce represent the many business owning voices of a community and with such economic responsibility, it is important that chambers have the ability to advocate on behalf of their members.

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The Results

During North Carolina’s 2017 legislative session, the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce successfully came to the defense of an issue close to the heart of the community: the Plastic Bag Ban. About a decade ago, state legislators banned the use of plastic bags along the Outer Banks, a decision that was supported by the business community. In 2017, new legislation to repeal the plastic bag ban was introduced. The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce sprang into action and mobilized both its members and supporters through Muster, inspiring them to send over 900 emails to decision-makers through the advocacy alert and from the over 10,000 visits to the action center. The Chamber’s CEO enhanced member-driven advocacy efforts by using Muster to share compiled documents of members’ emails directly with the various legislative committees. Transcripts of the committee meetings revealed that the documents carried weight during the legislative process! The Chamber’s successful digital advocacy approach strengthened its role in the community as a leading organization that smaller nonprofits and advocacy groups look to for online advocacy guidance.


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