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Category: Case Study
Vertical: Chamber of Commerce
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ChamberRVA, the Richmond region chamber of commerce, came to Muster with the goal of implementing a new digital advocacy program. 

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Our Client

ChamberRVA, the Richmond region chamber of commerce, came to Muster with the goal of boosting its advocacy program with online initiatives for the first time. Before using Muster, ChamberRVA pursued its policy agenda by engaging in traditional government relations and sending emails to members encouraging them to reach out and contact legislators. Without an automated advocacy system, chamber staff were unable to know which members contacted lawmakers - or even verify that members took action at all.


Why are campaign analytics so important to advocacy? 

Analytics are critical to understand how effective your organization’s grassroots advocacy initiatives are, and provide insights on how to improve your grassroots advocacy engagements.

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The Results

During the first legislative session that ChamberRVA utilized Muster, the government affairs team mobilized their membership around a budget issue and support for a series of bills. ChamberRVA sent multiple Action Alerts to its stakeholders, resulting in timely emails to state level legislators on committees where the matters were pending. Due to Muster’s ease-of-use, ChamberRVA sent more advocacy messaging to its membership than ever before, resulting in increased visibility in legislative circles and empowering members to support chamber policy platform in a new, meaningful way.  

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