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Take digital public affairs to a new level through online advocacy, engagement + grassroots activation. 

Digital Advocacy Strategy

Leveraging our innovative advocacy technology, we mobilize your stakeholders and influencers to engage with legislators and regulators. Our proprietary digital tools transform advocacy campaigns into effective grassroots lobbying initiatives on your behalf.  

Strategic Communications

We create strategically sound, creative messaging aimed at developing and powering grassroots engagement. Benefit from the power of storytelling to build an advocacy network that will drive policy and regulatory change on your behalf.  

Identify Key Influencers

Uncover the political influence of your stakeholders and identify your top advocates in key regions and political districts. Our grasstops mapping capability allows our clients to understand their audience in a powerful way. 

Data Driven Advocacy

We translate big data into actionable insight. Our comprehensive engagement analytics allow us to optimize advocacy campaigns based on past advocate behavior.

Storytelling To Influence Policy

Our team of digital advocacy strategists and data-driven communicators develop and implement digital advocacy campaigns tailored to our clients' policy agendas. We craft compelling email campaigns, key social messaging, graphic design, and other deliverables that provide our clients with integrated online advocacy campaigns to support their goals. 


Grassroots Network Development 

Our expertise lies in building supporter bases from the ground-up and also growing established grassroots networks. By collecting and curating advocate engagement data and other campaign metrics, we help you better expand and understand your audience. 

Educate and Mobilize Advocates 

We build independent campaign sites that serve as issue-advocacy platforms to educate and mobilize stakeholders on public policy initiatives. Looking for more visibility? We utilize advocacy widgets, digital marketing strategies, and other tools to cultivate your online advocacy presence.