Enhance Your Government Relations Strategy

Between constituent matching tools and a client management solution, Muster's digital advocacy service streamlines government relations work by simpifying member-driven advocacy into a few clicks of a mouse. 

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Save Time - Build Targeted Lists - Influence Public Policy

"When constituent reinforcements are needed at a critical time during General Assembly decision-making, we rely on Muster to reach our supporters with a call-to-action. The VTA is a stronger, more effective organization because of Muster"  


Lisa Guthrie
Executive Director
Virginia Transit Association

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Manage Multiple Clients

Muster allows lobbyists who represent multiple associations to easily manage all online advocacy initiatives through one platform.  
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Create Targeted Lists 

Never hand-match constituents again! Easily segment, sort, and manage contacts with Muster's list management tools. 
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Custom Targeting Features

If an advocacy campaign requires influencing a key decision-maker not available in Muster’s directory of over 60,000 elected officials, you can custom target whomever.  

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Comprehensive Advocacy Analytics

 Comprehensive analytics help you understand the success of your advocacy campaigns. Muster shows you detailed analytics about your advocates and the lawmakers you're engaging. 

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Supplement Active Lobbying with Digital Advocacy Efforts 

Advocacy groups, trade associations, and private companies are increasingly speaking out on social issues. As a government affairs professional, we know you provide your clients with expert guidance in the policy arena, and we're here to make your job easier with our digital tools. As a matter of fact, 89% of public affairs professionals use digital advocacy tools to achieve policy goals. Here's where Muster comes in: 

  • Run your Clients' Digital Advocacy Program
  • Connect Members with Legislators  
  • Track your Legislative Advocacy Efforts  
  • Present Clients with Statistics to show ROI


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